Bubble expert - I create products and get them to market.

Hi, I’m Lindsay,  in 10 words, I work with you to take your idea, efficiently create that into a Product with Bubble, and then help you take it through to market launch.

I am often one of the top 5  contributors in the Bubble Community.

I am the creator of - Secure, scheduled backups of your Bubble database.

Reach me in the Bubble forum @lindsay_knowcode or book  time here

I create worked examples of how to solve common Bubble design problems.

Some of my popular Bubble Plugins:
Google Sheet Updater
Square Payments SDK,
Google Analytics 4,
Vimeo Uploader,
List Inserter (to solve the duplicate entry problem),
Postmark with Templates & dynamic variables (to solve the JSON problem),
Bubble Page Lister(list all the pages in your Bubble app),
Linkedin Signin and get Profile Image
Human readable bytes (convert files sizes to something readable) (free)
Json Pretty Printer (format JSON into something readable) (free)
Weighted Average (calculate weighted averages in Bubble) (free)
Durations into human readable descriptions (free)
Broken link checker (test your URL's in the DB to see if they are valid)
Google Analytics Data (extract GA4 data into Bubble)
Encrypt &Decrypt lists in Bubble (free)
Loggly & Logzio - feed events into external logging services
Detect content type from file suffix (free)

My Bubble Plugins all have 5* reviews -


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Can I rate this 1,000 out of 5? I knew 2 minutes into the call this was the right decision. I've had bad luck with freelancers/fivrr etc so this was a welcome change. I have 2 pages of notes and Lindsay understood what I was trying to accomplish pretty much instantly. Absolutely will use this again.

Jason L

Fantastic insights from Lindsay, quickly understood my issues and tucked right in to them. Thoroughly worthwhile call. Highly recommended!

Luke C

“Lindsay helped me with a difficult issue, going above and beyond to assist. He identified some key areas which needed changing, created forms for me, after creating a save point so I didn't lose any work. All while being really friendly and quick to respond. Thank you Lindsay, I apprieciate your help!”

K Owen

Lindsay was fantastic to work with! He helped me solve a problem that was costing me thousands of dollars every year! He was communicative and prompt throughout the process and walked me through everything that he did.

Eman Zabi

Lindsay is well versed in bubble, patient and an excellent communicator. He was able to understand my ideas and knew how to implement solutions. He is very good at setting tasks for the completion of milestones.

Roberto Fernandez

Can't speak more highly about the developer!

Made by someone who cares.

Great plugin which gets updates.

Great support and dev is really open to feedback.

I wish all plugins/devs would be more like this.

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Frequently asked questions

What type of projects do you take on?

I do not take on projects around Crypto, Dating Apps or people wanting to build "Facebook but better".

I generally work with startups trying to digitise existing business processes. I like HR Tech projects. I like Products with very well designed interfaces.

I like building Products.

What is your hourly rate?

I try to be transparent with pricing. My hourly rate is USD $100. I will;

- give high-low time estimates for features
- advise on cheaper easier ways to acheive features
- reuse existing components rather than build from scratch
- use plugins where possible for quick delivery of features
- steer away from complicated designs or features

What time-zone do you work in?

I live in Auckland NZ and in London so it varies.  I'm always ready to help out in emergencies, no matter the hour.

What is the typical timeline for a project?

Depends on the scope of the project, really. Some projects take less than a week. Some take months. 

If it's a business processes app, B2B - with integrations, multi-tenant I'm fast and practiced at those types of apps.

The best way to find out is to ask - no strings attached!

Who owns the IP?

I'll make that clear from the start, but in brief it's your IP on your project. I create Bubble plugins and templates all the time to solve problems for everyone - that is my IP. It's easy to separate the two things.

What about security?

Security by Design - There are best practices and builtin measures built into Bubble. I follow these and can explain what they are.

Independent Security scans - I can help you engage 3rd party Security Testers. There are specialists for Bubble.

How do you charge for projects ?

Capped price - works well if you have a clear scope and understanding of what you want.

Hourly rate -low commitment for both of us and works  if you need  learning and discovery to understand what you want

By the minute - Want some quick help or mentoring? -

What does your design process look like?

Open communication and quick iterations. Why? Because I need to quickly understand you r business and what is important to you.

I think prototypes help a lot to confirm mutual understanding.

If you have high design requirements Figma can be a great tool to refine the cosmetics of your design efficiently. A design in Figma can be accurately transposed into Bubble with the new responsive engine.

What metrics do you use to measure success?

The best metrics are customer adoption and user engagement. From that flows Client Happiness. That could be you.

What if I need help after the project is complete?

We can work out an ongoing arrangement.

I want happy customers with repeat business.

What about an NDA and Contract?

I have a mutual NDA  and standard Freelance Contract - contact me for a copy.  If you've issues with that, I'm happy to use your paperwork if the NDA is mutual and no funny business in the contract.

Do you do all the work yourself?

Mostly, but I get help when I'm busy. Whatever happens, I take full responsibility for all the work.

I've started my project and got stuck or I had a developer but they went Ghost. Can you help?

Yes. This is not uncommon. Speak to me and I'll give you a straight answer and opinion of where you are and what I think you need to do to get back on track.


Tick off your "to do" list.

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What I can do for you

The sooner you get your MVP in front of customers, the sooner you can iterate and refine your Product.

Quickly Deliver your Product MVP with
Steer you through Innovation grants and R&D tax credits
GDPR, PCI, license agreements, revenue models
Nocode means lower cost

Low cost, predictable cost, fast delivery tools, not developers writing code. for feature heavy applications
Webflow for SEO friendly front end
Build  plugins for anything else & integrations
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What you can expect

I have a deep understanding of the process required to get a SaaS product to Market.

Straight to the point
Think in low-cost startup mode
Maintainable & Scalable outcomes