April 18, 2024
1 min

The mentoring reviews give me a warm feeling - thank you! 😊

For a while I did a lot of mentoring - I really enjoy it. Helping people. It's my strength and weakness. 😊

Gregory I.

Jan 18 2024

Best app developer on the planet.

Tanveer R.

Dec 11 2023

Lindsay was a gentleman and helped resolve my query with clear and insightful instructions. Highly recommended support.


Gregory I.

Sep 1 2023

As usual, a fantastic session. A+++

Gregory I.

Aug 11 2023

Lindsay is fantastic. 10/10 A+++++

Kirsten L.

Aug 2 2023

Great session, thanks so much Lindsay.

Yoni S.

Jun 22 2023

Great instructor for bubble. Super knowledgeable and doesn't waste your time. Highly recommended!

Bryce C.

Jun 13 2023

Very helpful.

Gregory I.

Jun 2 2023

Fantastic session. A+++++

Tyler W.

Apr 3 2023

Lindsay was great! He answered all my questions thoroughly.

Dan F.

Mar 30 2023

Lindsay did it again :)

Paolo L.

Mar 23 2023

Thanks. Solved my issue pragmatically!!

Bryce C.

Mar 17 2023

Very quick and capable. Lindsay was able to jump right into my issue, grasp exactly what I was going for, and provide a solution within our 30 minute call that I had spent hours attempting to learn on my own. I will be reaching out again for future help!

Dan F.

Mar 16 2023

Lindsay listened to our questions and answered them quickly so we didn't mess around with things we didn't need to hear.

Amardip K.

Feb 10 2023

Excellent, very useful

Kyle A.

Feb 10 2023

Lindsay is an invaluable mentor! He taught me tips and tricks I never knew—great insight into database management. I will be booking his time again.

Maxwell Z.

Jan 26 2023

Great! Showed me everything about SEO in about 20min!

Rux D.

Jan 24 2023

My Coach, Lindsey, is fantastic! A very rare blend of technical knowledge, experience and deep focus on the problems raised. And, yes, a lot of patience to cover all my questions! Thank you, Lindsey!

Maxwell Z.

Dec 27 2022

Great mentor! Solve my issue in 20min!

Clément B.

Dec 8 2022

Super helpful! Thanks a lot

ibrahim S.

Sep 5 2022

Very Knowledgale

Marwan R.

Aug 9 2022

Lindsay is extremely knowledgable about Bubble and incredibly helpful. Really enjoyed my session and he helped guide me out of the issue I was having. Thanks so much!

Luke S.

Jul 26 2022

Fantastic insights from Lindsay, quickly understood my issues and tucked right in to them. Thoroughly worthwhile call. Highly recommended!

Dolan B.

Apr 12 2022

Lindsay was very helpful

Ben H.

Mar 26 2022

Lyndsey is an excellent coach, who really knows his stuff and helps fast track the development of your app. Highly Recommended!

Jaydee T.

Mar 19 2022

The man knows what he's doing. Lindsay was great and respectful of my time and money. He delivered exactly what I needed.

Nick H.

Mar 6 2022

I really enjoyed working with Lindsay. The focus of the call was to ensure I was getting the fundamentals of my database right. This was the first time we had spoken. As I explained my product, he was a great listener and understood the direction of my product. Then as we dove into the work, he was very clear and easy to follow along with as he helped stage the start of my database architecture. I look forward to working with him again soon!

Tom M.

Feb 24 2022

Great stuff. Lindsay very helpful.

Jason L.

Dec 10 2021

Can I rate this 1,000 out of 5? I knew 2 minutes into the call this was the right decision. I've had bad luck with freelancers/fivrr etc so this was a welcome change. I have 2 pages of notes and Lindsay understood what I was trying to accomplish pretty much instantly. Absolutely will use this again.

Michele C.

Nov 5 2021

Very knowledgeable and helpful, I've got a lot of value out of our session.

Richard B.

Oct 18 2021

Lindsay is a super nice guy. I did more in an hour on my app than I did in weeks on my own.

John G.

Sep 17 2021

Thanks Lindsay for another excellent call.

Roberto F.

Sep 11 2021

Lindsay is well versed in bubble, patient and an excellent communicator. He was able to understand my ideas and knew how to implement solutions. He is very good at setting tasks for the completion of milestones.

John G.

Sep 9 2021

Very knowledgeable about Bubble.