Market Places in Bubble

Mortgage Marketplace in Bubble

My Role
MVP Web Application Development
4 months

Adam had previously engaged a reputable Agency, using their template to create an MVP.

However what the agency delivered fell well short of a professional consumer application, and turned out to be very difficult to edit and manage.  

Adam has an expert background in Canadian mortgages and had conceived a unique take on how to improve the Mortgage shopping experience using SMS and Chat engagement between lenders and borrowers.

We collaboratively worked to re-design and re-think how the mortgage market application would work.

The lesson here is that a Bubble Template can be a good way to get you started with Bubble. You can quickly get something up and running, and this may help to form your ideas and test a concept. The quality of Agencies and templates is variable. You may be buying all the problems and constraints of an Agencies template and processes. When you need anything other that a "Me too" clone application, a Template might be more trouble than it is worth.